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leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wild fires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. venezuela's attorney general calls on the supremes court to bar self-proclaimed president on why don't from leaving the country and to freeze his assets. hello i'm maryam namazie in london yo with al-jazeera also coming up. the ceasefire in the yemeni port city of data appears on the brink of collapse as
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fighting flares up when the man in charge of the un brokered truce steps down. free to leave pakistan the supremes holds a decision to acquit a christian woman sentenced to death insulting the prophet muhammad. in limbo the migrants and refugees facing an uncertain future on the mediterranean island of cyprus. welcome to the program venezuela's attorney general has asked the supreme court to open a parliamentary investigation into self-proclaimed president. is also called on the court to freeze the opposition to his bank accounts and to impose a travel ban on him on monday the u.s. imposed its toughest of a sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company. and froze seven billion dollars worth of its assets and earlier the un warned that a government crackdown on a protest is as led to
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a record number of detentions. just twenty sort of generally that if you recall the biggest wins here there were at least we now believe six hundred ninety six people . throughout the country as a whole long as a still receiving information. which verifying. this is the most the highest number of detentions recorded in a single day since that for at least twenty years. has been following events from neighboring colombia and joins us now from bogota are you getting a sense of the reaction there to these latest moves against. well way those spoke just a little after the attorney general announced its request to the country's supreme court and he said that while he is of course worried about the possibility
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of being incarcerated you think that these attacks are not attacks are nothing new that they are part of a chain of attacks on part of them of the government against his persona and the opposition and national assembly in general as they are trying in the to bring down the regime of nicolas maduro push the country towards a transition period and new elections. alessandra does it suggest that why does may at some point perhaps sooner than later be detained or arrested what might have prompted this move now by the supreme court by the attorney general . but after the course comes less than twenty four hours since the u.s. the united states has announced some of the toughest sanctions on the country that will truly have the major consequences on the country's economy that has already
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been crippled by years for me to management to many accounts but definitely both humanitarian and very difficult to humanitarian and economic situation in the country and also right after their u.s. announced that they want to give control of some of the venezuelan government assets in the united states to the opposition as they continue with their plan and their strategy to try and bring down that. of course the supreme court there actually allows the afternoon general to move forward which we expect to do things that the supreme court has to you know is very close to the venezuelan government practically all of its judges being appointed by crazy day and i do it all this will make it more difficult for
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a white dog to access the money from the u.s. and be able for example and we know that this is one of the plans the opposition has to try and open a humanitarian corridor in the country thank you very much alexandra seen bogota. united nations is urging warring parties in yemen to withdraw troops from her data immediately fighting has flared in the port city and some other areas risking the collapse of a six week old cease fire and there are fears the crisis will only get worse after the retired dutch general in charge of the un broke a truce stepped down. or has mall the cease fire in the data appears to be on the verge of falling apart fighting has intensified on the outskirts of yemen's main port city further north government troops backed by the
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saudi and emirate he led military coalition are on the move took up areas near the who think controlled capital sanaa un envoy martin griffiths met who think amanda to plead with them to maintain the whole day the cease fire which began six weeks ago the hand of the rebels political council told the u.n. envoy that saudi arabia is undermining the truce oh economic our our focus is to consolidate the front lines our success will depend on what we will achieve militarily this is the retired dutch general who was given the job of ensuring the delicate ceasefire doesn't fall apart patrick met leaders of the yemeni government in exile in the city of aden. and he's due in her day it may be his last official mission his being replaced by a danish general who led
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a peacekeeping mission in mali. the day the cease fire agreed during talks in sweden in december calls for her theory rebels to withdraw from the city and poor. it's the main gateway for much needed aid and food into the country the fighting around it husband millions are threatened with famine. the ruthie's say they will pull out but won't hand over the area to the enemies and they say. to lead forces must stop attacking her who are not that we need to fight against aggression and send fighters to the battlefields that should be our answer to those who want to escalate yemen's government and president of the. reject the who are saying they must withdraw immediately and a lot of the yemeni army to take over. if the day the ceasefire collapses completely millions of suffering yemenis will be waiting even longer for the four
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year old war two and a small bottle al-jazeera around thirty thousand people in northeastern nigeria have fled into neighboring cameroon ferrying an attack by boko haram fighters they left iran town in borno state at the weekend following the departure of cameroonian forces the forces have been securing the town after it was attacked by boko haram on january fourteenth locals say the armed group had promised to return and attack again i am a dangerous and has this report from. office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees says several thousands of nigerians on the move because of panic reports suggest that they saw a large scale movement of multinational joint task force the regional task force or military task force charged with fighting boko haram in that region on the move and the maybe that is going to be
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a large scale military operation i don't the areas oh the forces may be pulling out there is no definite statement from the military authorities either from the region or from nigeria about what exactly is happening there but this underlines the. situation refugees and displaced persons are in northern nigeria and the rest of the nec chad region united nations officials are saying that in the last three months because of escalation in violence or fighting between security forces and book one of the fighters i like to islamic state in west africa three hundred and twenty thousand people have been newly displaced some have crossed over into neighboring countries some to safer areas within nigeria and other states in the region so the situation is coming at a time when regional leaders are meeting and their representatives met in a bhutto to discuss the way forward now they have launched a plan to support these refugees and displaced persons over the next three years
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and that according to some experts that requirement or need need may be eventually reviewed because of the current situation the escalation of fighting and the movement of thousands of people from their homes because of the fighting or to escape the fighting. it with al jazeera live from london much more still ahead for you on the program saddam's intelligence and security chief on his day when hundreds of protesters detained during adjutant rallies last month. and after more than twenty years documenting displacement and violence in the city of hebron an international observer mission comes to an end. we've got some really stormy weather now pushing into western parts of europe and
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see this latest weather system rolling in across the press potential western parts of frauds at the parallel pressure that would also affect a good part all of the shells over the next twenty four hours will see that's going to bring a fair bit of windy weather wintry weather and snow that snow will pile it's way down across the low countries as we go on into wednesday some heavy rain coming back in behind the west front added to the iberian peninsula some every right to just around the age the attic pushing across into the balkans are looking well the wet and windy for good part of greece athens at around fourteen degrees celsius further north this is we want seasonally warm moscow getting up to around freezing on wednesday to get above freezing for cheese day some wet windy weather continuing the. the central there was not so bad a little fluttering of snow for some to down tools northern parts of the balkans but you see more rain most snow hold the cards for holland. and wells as we go one day that wet weather that when she weather just this way down across western parts
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of france into spain and portugal for northern parts of africa still a few showers affecting the far north of algeria for a time looking fine and dry for the east. in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara on out your.
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welcome back you're with al-jazeera just a quick look at top stories now venezuela's a time when the generals called on the supremes court became president from leaving the country and to freeze his assets. the u.n. is urging warring parties in yemen to withdraw troops from a day to immediately fighting has fled in the port city and some other areas risking the collapse of a six week old cease fire. and around thirty thousand people in northeastern nigeria have fled into neighboring cameroon flee fearing an attack by a book they left around town in borno state at the weekend after the departure of cameroonian forces. now some news from sudan where the intelligence and security chief has ordered the release of all people detained during anti-government
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protests that started last month this is according to the information ministry the protests across the country began over cuts to bread and fuel subsidies that have now grown into cold for president bashir to step down mohamed vall sent us this update from the sudanese capital. this announcement it came as a news line on social media sent by the ministry of information and it followed a visit to one of the prisons in khartoum today by the head of intelligence after that he was quoted as saying that all those detained during the current wave of protests that has been going on for six weeks now will be released however we don't know exactly how many are detained by the government the government. two weeks ago gave a figure of eight hundred plus but social media sources protesters sources and jos talk about between one thousand and two thousand detained also some fears have been expressed by protesters that this could actually be
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a propaganda loose by the government to try to break the momentum of the protests or create divisions among the testers and also the expressed fear that. probably some of those detained as political activists or as journalists or just protesters might be prosecuted on acquisition but they are they're actually criminals because they have destroyed public property or committed other crimes during those protests so i mean it's not like an immediate breakthrough according to protesters and the government still has to come out with more details. stands top courses up held a decision to acquit a christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy baby spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet mohammed her acquittal last october spark death threats nationwide riots by religious party supporters and an appeal for a review of the decision commodified has more now from islamabad. police force
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a landy paramilitary force elder rangers have been for don't read alert across pakistan and specially here in the city of islamabad where the court has dismissed a view protection from the day to kill a back pakistan against the acquittal of our share b.b. and for maintaining the death sentence awarded to her by a law court the supremes court throwing that petition out and what is considered to be a landmark judgment for the progress on your daughter did they tell you being a big challenge they have already arrested the senior leadership of the delhi galab backpacker down that of god's will minimize the protests against the word victim the supreme court us here baby was thrown on our special aircraft or islamabad under protective custody her daughters we're told according to reports have already moved to canada and it is anticipated there's actually a baby to relieve pakistan in pakistan the blasphemy laws have become controversial
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because of the misuse of the law and by certain religious parties richard rodgers country to all work you will stand still every time the court has ruled in favor of people who have been accused wrongfully of blasphemy this is indeed a test case for pakistan the government is confident that they will be able to deal with the aftereffects of their judgement and that is also because the senior leadership of the dead eagle a backpack is done including cars a motor and raids we have been arrested by the authorities several months ago. to syria now where at least eleven civilians have been killed in syrian army shelling in the rebel held area of it it's the highest death toll in the region months state news agency claims the army responded to what it called terrorist violations of the russian turkish troops clashes have continued around it live since the truce was
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agreed in september in a separate attack at least one other civilian was killed when a suicide bomb detonated at a council building. a police station has been targeted in an attempted suicide attack in iran says state broadcaster says that two people tried to blow themselves up in front of the police station in the southeastern city of done at least four people wounded as i done is the capital of system by lucius don province where iranian security forces often clash with drug smugglers and sunni militants now international observers have been documenting displacement and violence in the city of hebron a going home israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has refused to extend the queen for the monitoring mission calling it an international force acting against israel harry force it sent its report from the city in the occupied west bank to enter the israeli military controlled zone of hebron is to enter into a parallel world of division and displacement this is suharto street home to
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palestinian activist. he says he was expecting the end of the international observer mission here but it's no less worrying for being predictable they were doing reasoning in neutral documentation here which can be used by the palestinians to make is that accountable in the international criminal court. the temporary international presence in hebron tiff has been in place here since one thousand nine hundred seven its term renewed every six months on a palestinian market street protected by canopies from settler buildings above traders say that if reports have done nothing to prevent the steady worsening of the situation. kicking tiff out is the first step towards even worse dates for hebron because netanyahu is planning to expand the settlements here but if mission was set up in the aftermath of the one nine hundred ninety four massacre of twenty nine muslim worshippers that had runs ibrahimi mosque by an american israeli settler the city was formally divided in one thousand nine hundred eighty percent
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under palestinian authority control twenty percent including the old city and the site of the mosque and jewish temple under the control of the israeli military those years have also seen an expansion of the presence of jewish settlers here around eight hundred registered as living in the israeli controlled area alongside forty thousand palestinians they represent some of the most ideologically radical settlers in the occupied west bank drawn here by the city's religious significance as well as the idea of a return to a place deserted by jews after sixty seven were killed in a massacre in one thousand twenty nine. if you are willing to talk on camera until you meet mordecai professors himself only too happy to see the back of the tiff observers the time is up and time for them to get a real job and once the time is up what do you foresee happening i don't i don't see any real change on the ground except for that the idea of full be able to do their job a bit better in stopping terror attacks in various forms one question is why the israeli governors waited until now twenty years on to end the two of presence here
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well there are two places to look one is into the most recent to freeport in december which according to an israeli media leak was an extremely critical summation of twenty years' worth of israeli violations of palestinian rights the other place to look is in israeli domestic politics israel's prime minister indicated in the vendor that he was considering ending the presence since then he's called elections for the ninth of april there's plenty of political motivation for him to call votes on the israeli right above the deserted shahada street behind a cage protecting her from rock throwing attacks only iran has only curses for netanyahu and fears for increased violence wants to fix gone hadrons bitter division has set fire to outlast the international mission whose job it is been to monitor it ari force at al-jazeera hebron hundreds of italians have rallied outside parliament demanding the release of dozens of migrants stranded at sea. by the.
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forty seven people have been stuck on a rescue ship off the coast of sicily and nearly two weeks they were picked up in waters off libya that government has refused to let the men meanwhile migration has been top of the gender to summit on the mediterranean island of cyprus the divided island has become a target for traffickers attempting to smuggle migrants into mainland europe a cypriot government says it's been overwhelmed by request for asylum david chase reports now from the capital nicosia. the buffer zone in the device the island between the turkish controlled north and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and beached by the police but will that to find themselves closer to baghdad in the catholic charity
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keratitis does what it can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces and i don't mind to. just say this is the case. so. this man told us he was forced to provide sexual favors to him who eventually smuggled him across the buffer zone is very typical of this man said he'd now lost all hope he had a new job lived on the streets and was always hungry there are hundreds more like him indicus here they've come from across africa the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but finding themselves in a limbo in a country the cart afford to look after them the numbers are quite staggering i mean there were over a thousand one hundred. with very limited capacity for services to catch up so this is. home.
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to keep everything falls apart leaders from seven e.u. countries bordering the mediterranean are meeting here for a summit to see if they could reach an agreement on how to tackle the problem the cyprus government say the only solution to the crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closing all over europe. abdul has been living in a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's no life for his three year old son. at least is better than living in the street well david chaytor is live for us now in nicosia so leaders have been speaking off to the summit is there any sign that they've reached some sort of consensus.
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well mary i'm i'm afraid not i listened intently to what all the leaders had to say but everyone was really concentrating on the french president and the new mccraw and you said picante who's the attorney and prime minister there's been very open divisions in the last few days and weeks between france and italy on this very divisive mike migrant crisis as it's being called so we are waiting to hear what they had to say and it's very clear that they present was saying that being a a consensual approach a collegiate approach and he started to give some mild criticism about the ship of of migrants who can't dock in italy that you mentioned earlier on and the but he said that they must continue to try and work together and try and come to some sort of policy but it was very clear they hadn't and then we had
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a much stronger speech from. and and he said son very very outspoken words he said that essentially the migration crisis is the crisis that's making italy turn its back on the europe he said that if this continues it will cause the implosion of of europe now that is that is not adding to. a more diplomatic approach that is clearly deepening the tensions between france and italy and then he announced that he wasn't going to join the rest of the a you leaders for a dinner with the with the president here and so that was a very clear sign that he wanted to keep his distance from present a manual mark wrong and so instead of actually trying to get this collegiate and consensual approach we saw another demonstration that this is the issue which is
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deeply dividing europe. can anything be done to ease the problem in cyprus the government say that saturated with asylum seekers yes the president here indicates here was saying look they need help they did help desperately they are saturated with asylum seekers they have more per capita than any other e.u. member states he wanted a system put in place where essentially you had an automatic mechanism that redistributed the asylum seekers to other countries inside the e.u. and now he might have supported that is seems a sensible idea but of course we know from italy we know from poland we know from rumania and hungry that those borders are remaining closed to any idea of issuing of asylum seekers to those countries so no this summit is proved anything as proof
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that the divisions are still too large and wide to bridge thank you very much from nicosia david chaytor french president emmanuel macron as warm the u.k. government that breaks a deal agreed in november with the european union is the best possible and not renegotiate will not cause comas dampened plans by the prime minister to resign may to reopen talks with the leaders and they came just moments before politicians in london began voting on an alternative plan for leaving in sixty days it's the first time they've had the chance to propose their own solutions to the deadlock two weeks after inflicting the biggest ever government defeat by on to reason may by rejecting agreement with the e.u. . to brazil now our authorities say nearly four thousand dams in the country are classified as having high damage potential being high risk and hundreds of those contain mining waste capable of contaminating surrounding areas it follows the
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collapse of a damaged an iron ore mining complex in southern brazil on friday a disaster which by more than three hundred lives five people have been arrested in connection with the collapse in bernadino three of the detained people are employed by the mining company their main into a sub contract engineers who worked on the down safety. reports. the search continues around the town the broome would genial but now they are looking for bodies rather than survivors in the meantime the legal case against the company valley which owns the mine is great is gaining pace a rest house been made further investigations are taking place with the vice president of brazil i'm in hamilton ma diao saying that a full investigation will be carried out into the structure of the company the company executives said this sorry for the disaster but have so far accepted no responsibility saying that a full investigation was carried out into the safety of the dow in both june and
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september of last year but now anger amounting against the executive board of that company many are now beginning to assess the environmental damage with something like twelve million cubic metres of waste from the iron ore mine being spewed out into the surrounding countryside people posting on social media videos of fish in the river. dying dying in the round at the river in the meantime shaping up to be one of the worst disasters in brazilian history. but look at top stories now venezuela's attorney general has asked the supremes court to open a preliminary investigation into cell. became president. he's called on the court to freeze the opposition leader's bank accounts and impose a travel ban on him on monday the u.s. imposed its toughest ever sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company paid
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a vespa and earlier the u.n. warned that a government crackdown on and do a protest as it led to a record number of detentions just from twenty third of germany that if you recall the biggest lost wins he threw at least we now believe six hundred ninety six people to turn to. throughout the country as a whole law as a store receiving information. which they are verifying. this is the most the highest number of detentions recorded in a single day since that for at least twenty years the u.n. is a june warring parties in yemen to withdraw troops from her day to immediately fighting has fled in the port city and some other areas risking the collapse of a six week old cease fire there are fears the crisis will get worse after the retired general in charge of the un broke a truce stepped down. around thirty thousand people in northeast nigeria have fled
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into neighboring cameroon ferrying an attack by book around fighters they left around town in borno state a weekend following the departure of cameroonian forces the forces have been securing the town after it was attacked by boko haram on january fourteenth sudan's intelligence and security chief has ordered the release of all people detained during anti-government protests that began last month the protests dotted over cuts to bread and fuel subsidies but have also now grown into calls for president bashir to step down. and pakistan's top court is up held a decision to acquit a christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy r.c. a baby spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet mohammed acquittal last october spot death threats nationwide riots by religious party supporters. here are a lot of our top stories coming up next on al-jazeera it's the stream. hi
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i'm femi oke a i'm really could be here in the stream today will nigeria's mohamedou behind a win a second term as president we also asked so what to watch out for ahead of next month's elections do you have questions for them and leave your comments in the you chit chat we will do our best to fit them into today's conversation. and i'm a poet and your industry. nigerians head to the polls on fabray the sixteenth to.


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